Welcome to Tanfac
Tanfac, one of India's largest suppliers of Fluorine chemicals incorporated in 1972, is a Joint Sector Company promoted by The Aditya Birla Group of Companies i.e. Grasim Industries Limited, Hindalco Industries Limited, Pilani Industries & Investment Corporation Limited (PI&ICL) and Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). Its plant and facilities are spread over 60 acres in the chemical complex of SIPCOT at Cuddalore near Pondicherry, about 200 kms from Chennai, India .

Tanfac is engaged in the manufacture of inorganic Fluorine based chemicals such as Aluminium Fluoride,Anhydrous Hydrofluoric acid,Sodium Silico Fluoride, Ammonium Bifluoride,Potassium Fluoride,Cryolite and various other Organic Fluorine based chemicals.

Tanfac believes in continuous improvement which leads to Excellence. Our efforts to acheive Excellence on all spheres, set us apart from others and has earned our Global presence. Excellence for us is an ever moving target like the never ending journey of the Sun.
Technology Tie-ups
Davy Process(Formerly BUSS AG), Switzerland - for Aluminium Fluoride (Know-how and equipment)
CHENCO,Germany - for Hydrofluoric Acid (Know-how and equipment).
Grasim Industries Limited - for Sulphuric Acid / Oleum (Design and Erection).
End Use / Applications
Inorganic Fluorine based chemicals manufactured by TANFAC have vital applications in industries as varied as Aluminium Smelting, Petroleum Refining, Refrigerant Gases, Steel Re-rolling, Glass, Ceramics, Sugar, Fertilizers, Heavy Water, etc.

Organic Fluoro chemicals are used as intermediates in the manufacture of Pharmachemicals and Agrochemicals.

focuses on variety of specility fluorides which are developed and manufactured depending on specific requirement of customers.

Tanfac is an ISO 9001 , 14001 , TPM certified Company.